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Website table of contents (list of pages)

By Steve Draper,   Department of Psychology,   University of Glasgow.

This page lists the contents of the "ilig" website on interative lectures and electronic voting systems (EVS). There is a line giving a link to every page.

  • lobby.html: Electronic Voting Systems and interactive lectures
  • main.html: Interactive lectures interest group
  • terms.html: Terms for EVS
  • il.html: Interactive Lectures
  • why.html: Why use EVS? the short answer
  • handsetintro.html: Using EVS for interactive lectures
  • minute.html: One minute papers
  • td.html: Transforming lectures to improve learning
  • local.html: Using EVS at Glasgow University c.2005
  • start.html: Introducing the EVS to a new audience
  • question.html: Presenting a question
  • length.html: Length and number of questions

  • qdesign.html: Question formats
  • qpurpose.html: Pedagogical formats for using questions and voting
  • contingent.html: Designing a contingent question set
  • feedback.html: Feedback to students
  • manage.html: Designing and managing a teaching session
  • qbanks.html: Question banks available on the web
  • evidence.html: Kinds of evidence about the effectiveness of EVS
  • bib.html: Ad hoc bibliography on EVS
  • faq.html: Other common questions

  • tech.html: EVS technologies, alternatives, vendors
  • techtech.html: Some technical details on PRS
  • people.html: UK handset users and sites

  • bookings.html: Bookings for lecture theatre handset use
  • bspecial.html: Week 17 plan
  • dbfigs
  • fig1a.html: NoTitleFound
  • fig1b.html: NoTitleFound
  • gcal
  • gregor.html: Gregor Kennedy
  • hake.html: Interactive teaching
  • handsets.html: Electronically enhanced classroom interaction
  • interim.html: Use of PRS handsets at Glasgow University
  • lecture.html: Designing whole sessions around EVS
  • notes.html: Web references on Handsets and teaching with them
  • oldbookings.html: Past uses of lecture theatre handsets
  • papers
  • ped.html: Summary of pedagogic purposes for EVS
  • peertable.html: Peer instruction
  • pi.html: Website (permuted) index of page titles
  • pics
  • seq.html: Designing teaching sequences with questions
  • studdesign.html: Having students design the questions
  • tech.side.html: Change of comment on RxShow
  • thes1.html: THES letter on interactive lectures
  • toc.html: Website table of contents (list of pages)
  • toc2.html: Website by links
  • turningpoint.html: Turning Point equipment
  • vfeedback.html: Feedback on the video of handset use
  • vidauthors.html: Authoring new outlets for video
  • video1
  • videos.html: A video of using voting equipment in class
  • videotech.html: Video streaming testbed and tech. notes
  • workshop.html: Workshop on handset equipment

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