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Presenting a question

(written by Steve Draper,   as part of the Interactive Lectures website)

What is involved in presenting each question?

How to present a question

  • Display the question (but don't start the PRS handset software)
  • Explain it as necessary
  • "Are you ready to answer it? Anything wrong with this question?" and encourage any questions, discussion of the question.
  • Only then, press <start> on the computer system.
  • Audience answers: wait until the total of votes reach the full audience total.
  • Display answers (as a bar graph).
  • Always try to make at least one oral comment about the distribution of answers shown on the graph. Partly for "closure"/acknowledgement; partly to slow you up and let everyone see the results.
  • State which answer (if any) was right, and decide what to do next.

    What the presenter does in essence

    The presenter's function is, where and when possible, to:

    What each learner does in essence

    For each question, each learner has to:

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