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People receiving copies of video

By Steve Draper,   Department of Psychology,   University of Glasgow.

This pages lists those who were sent a copy of our video about using the PRS "An example of using the PRS voting equipment".
Name Institution Department Format Date
Nelson Cue Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Physics, Associate Vice President DVD 23 March 2004
Phil Marston University of Aberdeen Learning technology unit DVD 25 April 2004
Gareth Reast University of Brighton VLE promoter DVD 11 March 2005
Anne Dickinson University of Coventry Educational Technology DVD 29 April 2004
Chris Mitchell University of Glasgow Computing Science DVD 5 March 2004
Quintin Cutts University of Glasgow Computing Science DVD 23 March 2004
Steve Draper University of Glasgow Psychology DVD, VHS 17 March 2004
John McColl University of Glasgow Statistics DVD 22 March 2004
Bob Matthews University of Glasgow Teaching and Learning service DVD 22 March 2004
Tony Lowe University of Leeds Learning Development Unit DVD 6 May 2004
Elizabeth Laws University of Salford School of computing DVD 28 April 2004
Jim Boyle University of Strathclyde Mechanical Engineering DVD 22 March 2004
Paul Wood University of Wales, Bangor Learning Support Service DVD 16 Nov 2004

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