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Change of comment on RxShow

By Steve Draper,   Department of Psychology,   University of Glasgow.

My original entry on RxShow (up to about 8 Sept 2003) read like this:

  • RxShow (PC only). Unlike the others, you have to pay for this software. After a recent price drop it is something like 2k for each room you use it in, and 80 for a copy to use on your personal laptop to write the questions. However they are obviously ashamed because their website doesn't tell you this, nor give any emails or phone numbers for enquiries.
  • When I wrote it I believed it was accurate, but I have been sent this rebuttal by Socratec, and have corrected my entry:

    REBUTTAL DATED 11 Sept 2003

    Dr. Draper's earlier descriptions of RxShow contained erroneous information about our Company and RxShow products. After we brought this to his attention, most of the inaccuracies were corrected. For those who read his earlier versions, significant points about RxShow are clarified below -- plus other important factors should be considered when comparing RxShow to other alternatives:
    1. RxShow interfaces seamlessly with PowerPoint

    2. RxShow processes interactive questions far beyond just MCQ

    3. Companies charge for MCQ software either separately or part of a bundle

    4. Prices that were originally cited by Dr. Draper were more than double our actual prices.
      - The Public area of our website does provide pricing information:
      (RxShow costs less than $1,000 and RxShow Lite costs $299)

    5. Interactive Questions can be prepared on any PC without requiring special licensing.

    6. Home Page of our website gives detailed address and phone information for inquiries

    For more information, please visit our website at  or

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