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Workshop on handset equipment

By Steve Draper,   Department of Psychology,   University of Glasgow.

Why come?

Quintin and I are proposing to hold a series of workshops to introduce possible new lecturer-users to the handset equipment at Glasgow University. Thinking now about possible places to use it in your teaching next session means you can be ready by the new session (Sept. 2003).

We are submitting a Newsletter article to get at a wider audience. To see the argument there, and so why to come to the workshops, have a look at it.

The dates

The first proposal for the workshop was: Tuesday 20 May, 2-4pm, at TLS (Florentine house). This has now run.

The second was at 2pm on Tuesday 27 May; in the conference room (F121) in Computing Science. Let Quintin know ASAP if you would like to attend, and when suits you. Quintin Cutts email: ext.5691 This has now run.

Thirdly, we ran a workshop on Wed 18 June, to cater for those responding to the Newsletter piece. This has now run.

The format

Our thoughts on the format are as follows, but we are very open to suggestions from the audience.
  1. Quick demonstration of the equipment in use
  2. List of possible pedagogic uses
  3. List of some users so far
  4. Discuss with audience members their particular cases, contexts, proposed uses.
  5. If time permits, then for anyone who has decided to use it and has their laptop with them, we could we could try installing the software on the spot, and testing it with the equipment.

More information about the equipment and using it can be found through the main page.

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