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Gregor Kennedy

Gregor Kennedy has been investigating students' learning processes and outcomes in technology enhanced learning environments for a number of years. From July 2002- March 2003 he was a visiting fellow in the Department of Psychology at the University of Glasgow, and again for a week in July 2005 visiting the Department of Computing Science. He has worked with Steve Draper and Quintin Cutts on the use of handsets in lectures. His shared interest is in developing ideas about how we can evaluate students' learning processes in large group lectures that use electronic handsets. His personal foci are students' engagement, interest and motivation in handset based classes and whether this has any bearing on the way they think about course material; and in the use of logs (computer records) as a tool of educational evaluation. Hence an interest in whether meaningful and useful patterns of usage emerge from the vast amount of data that the PRS system generates.

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