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Undigested notes on Web references on Handsets and teaching with them

(written by Steve Draper,   as part of the Interactive Lectures website)

These are undigested notes, especially URLs, related to both interactive lectures, and handset use itself.

  • Leeds simple introduction.

    Teaching / learning gains and methods

  • Home page/ list of relevant papers by him
  • SDI (Socratic Dialogue-Inducing) site
  • Hake on Interactive-engagement methods: the meta-analysis
    Hake,R.R. (1998a) "Interactive-engagement versus traditional methods: A six-thousand-student survey of mechanics test data for introductory physics courses" Am.J.Physics vol.66 no.1 pp.64-74

  • Hake on Interactive-engagement methods: more details about implementation

  • Shapiro, Rutgers, SRS

  • First year chemistry at Berkeley

  • online physics

  • another paper

  • bedu list
  • A short article on Mazur and his method
  • Another short article on Mazur and his method An IBM study of this stuff, stored by CPS.
    An APF study of this stuff, stored by CPS.
  • Eric Mazur project site
  • Mazur group education research
  • Mazur's key book: PEER INSTRUCTION: A User's Manual by Eric Mazur ISBN 0-13-565441-6 Prentice Hall Series in Educational Innovation, Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458 ©1997
  • Amherst group on (interactive) physics teaching especially this, and their online papers.

    There are some papers from MIT who have been using PRS a bit - papers are from the American Society of Engineering Education conferences:

    This work is part of the MIT CDIO initiative:
    and also involves others - in particular Swedish institutions who we also have been told use PRS:

    Interactive lectures:

  • Social Policy and social work LTSN / Bristol
  • Interactive lectures


  • David Williams Tuesday May 21, 2002 The Guardian
  • Gerard Seenan January 04 2000 The Guardian
  • Tuesday January 11, 2000 The Guardian

    Which equipment?
    J.Smith (2001) Dialogue and interaction in a classroom environment (Final year research project, School of Mechanical Engineering, University of Bath). Supervised by Nick Vaughan An undergraduate project that did a study on potential use, comparing PRS, Classtalk, and CPS.
    See also


    University of Liverpool

    PRS or handset or equipment refs:

  • Postal Address: Dept of Mechanical Engineering, University of Bath . He is said to have done a report comparing different handset technologies, and CPS in particular. A mention of this.
  • PRS site, and updated software
  • Short note "How to PRS"
  • the Respondex Palm system
  • the software-only version of PRS from Cue*s US company
  • Banxia: New software?



  • Discourse
  • Dufresne, R.J. et al.(1996) Classtalk, A Classrom Communication System for Active Learning Journal of Computing in Higher Education vol.7 pp.3-47
  • Irving, A. et al. (2000) Use of Information Technology in Exam Revision 4th International CAA Conference
  • Nicholls, J., (1999) The Web between Lectures and Self-Managed Learning 3rd International CAA Conference
  • Thalheimer (2003) The Learning Benefits of Questions
  • RxShow
  • Mitchell
  • IML

    B. Shneiderman, M. Alavi, K. Norman, and E. Borkowski. Windows of Opportunity in the Electronic Classroom. Communications of the ACM, 38(11):19-24, Nov. 1995.

    Meltzer, David E. and Kandiah Manivannan. "Transforming the Lecture Hall Environment: The Fully Interactive Physics Lecture," American Journal of Physics 70:6, pp. 639-654. June 2002.

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