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Question banks available on the web

By Steve Draper,   Department of Psychology,   University of Glasgow.

This page is to collect a few pointers to sets of questions that might be used with EVS that are available on the web. Further suggestions and pointers are welcome.

For first year physics at University of Sydney: their webpage     and a local copy to print off as one document.

The Galileo project has some examples if you regester online with them.

The SDI (Socratic dialog Inducing) lab has some examples.

  • Physics: Joe Redish's list of Mazur type questions i.e. "ConcepTests"

  • Chemistry ConcepTests

  • Calculus questions

  • JITT: just in time teaching: example "warmup questions"

  • Canadian In-Class Question Database (CINQ-DB) for astronomy, mathematics, physics, psychology, and science.

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