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Page for Glasgow Caledonian EVS users

By Steve Draper,   Department of Psychology,   University of Glasgow.

This index page is particularly for EVS users at Glasgow Caledonian University. It was originally created to record some of what was learned from their experience of starting EVS use Oct-Dec 2006, as part of the Re-engineering Assessment Practices in Scottish Higher Education project within the business school.

  • EVS crib sheet: tactics
  • EVS crib sheet: Main question types
  • A 2 page briefing paper on the GCal introduction of EVS during the REAP project.

    You might find support in several ways including:

  • Jim in IT services
  • Staff who have used EVS in the Business school e.g.
  • Douglas Chalmers or here
  • The academy, who would like to take EVS forward: try Linda Creanor.