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My profile as project supervisor

By Steve Draper,   Department of Psychology,   University of Glasgow.

This page is to hold my profile as a project supervisor, especially a supervisor of undergraduate level 4 maxi projects.

General areas

My general interest is in education at university level: what makes a difference to students' learning? My web pages as a whole illustrate my range of interests within this. I wrote 4 papers, which indicate some particular interests. And the next section gives examples of topics for future maxi projects.

I teach a course on Positive Psychology. I only occasionally think of projects I want to do myself in that area, but would consider supervising a student in the area.

However I have quite often supervised projects in areas I knew nothing about, if the student has come with a specific idea and not required detailed technical knowledge from me but general support and someone to discuss their ideas with. (An example was theory of mind in ravens in Edinburgh zoo; another was drinking and sociability in sports club members vs. other students; another was perceiving someone's personality traits from a photo of their bag.) In fact these have been some of the best projects I've supervised. (But no left-over clinical psychology wannabes please, especially when that is a general interest area but not a specific project.)

Below, any references I mention briefly can probably be found in my large list of education-related references.

Specific topics 2016-17

Specific topics 2015-16

Specific topics 2014-15

Specific topics 2013-14

A lot of my interest currently is focussed on discussion, and its role in student learning. I have a page on discussion. Projects on this might include:

Specific topics 2012-13

Specific topics 2011-12

Specific topics 2010-11

Specific topics 2009-10

Still wider general areas

In the past I have done research in HCI (human computer interaction) and related topics. I have supervised a PhD on nutrition labels on food packages; and 2 PhDs at the Art School: one on education in the Art school (including a study we did with a maxi student), and one on a theory of individual differences in approaches to design.

  • Emojis, and their use in communications like email.
  • Password security: combining psychology considerations with software design approaches.

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