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Mindfulness training for better learning

By Steve Draper,   Department of Psychology,   University of Glasgow.

This page is about whether / how mindfulness training (MT) (i.e. meditation exercises) can help HE students learn better. This is an important possibility that I learned about from Siobhan Lynch in 2014.

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See also here for more links to her.

If the benefits are established, then the big implementation issue is how to roll out MT for big numbers of students.

Published papers on educational benefits of MT

For many of the papers below I've given a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) as a link. Clicking on it should take you straight to the paper IF you are logged in with a GUID. Some of these papers are published "online" but not yet in paper. What that means is that they are online at the publisher, but will not have their final year, volume, and page numbers yet. N.B. DOIs are now supposed to be part of correct APA bibliography citations.

Other links

  • A student wiki page on MT and education     A student wiki page on mindfulness     including DIY exercises

  • Siobhan Lynch     her on mindfulness and students     Staff page     Lynch (2013) paper
  • Mindfulness training. Mindfulness for HE Students Network
  • UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teacher Training Organisations

  • "Lecture 10: Western Research on Mindfulness and Critique" podcast by Eleanor Rosch   mp3 direct

  • Kirk Warren Brown , Richard M. Ryan & J. David Creswell (2007) "Mindfulness: Theoretical Foundations and Evidence for its Salutary Effects" Psychological Inquiry: An International Journal for the Advancement of Psychological Theory vol.18 no.4 pp.211-237 doi:10.1080/10478400701598298 [Target paper for discussion, on mindfulness]

    Mindfulness training for better learning (2)

    In 2018 I am taking another look at whether mindfulness (MFM) has any specific contribution to make to learning. Many students use MFM to alleviate anxiety and stress, including specifically exam stress.

    There have been claims that MF also contributes to learning. ....

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