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Principles of feedback and assessment design

By Steve Draper,   Department of Psychology,   University of Glasgow.

This page is the head page for my own collection of rival sets of principles for designing assessment and feedback: or maybe just learning designs? (If you want to print them all off here is a one page compilation to make that more convenient.)

The area isn't really just designing exams for certificates, but also formative feedback given after a learner completes a bit of work, and also again, support and guidance given to learners while they are trying to do a bit of work (e.g. project supervision, lab demonstrators). (Further discussion of the scope.)

Sets of principles

Other guides on assessment

  • There is also Dai Hounsell's Integrative Assessment, though the advice is not presented as principles or slogans. You can get pointers to his booklets here.

  • University of Melbourne: pdf guide
  • University of Melbourne: pages
  • University of Sussex

  • my paper "A momentary review of Assessment principles"

    What makes a good principle?

    A good principle should be:

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