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Gibb's conditions

By Steve Draper,   Department of Psychology,   University of Glasgow.

Gibbs & Simpson (2004) developed 11 "conditions under which assessment supports students' learning". Here are the 4 that do not overlap with Nicol's 7. They address the regulation of time and effort, rather than of the learning content which Nicol focussed on.

Assessment activities support student learning if they:

  1. Capture sufficient study time and effort (in and out of class)
  2. Are spread evenly across topics and weeks
  3. Lead to productive learning activity (deep rather than surface learning)
  4. Communicate clear and high expectations.

Gibbs, G and Simpson, C. (2004) "Conditions under which assessment supports students' learning" Learning and Teaching in Higher Education vol.1 pp.3-31. Retrieved April 6, 2006, from:

Gibbs, G. (2006) "Why assessment is changing" In C. Bryan and K. Clegg (Eds), Innovative Assessment in Higher Education. (London: Routledge).

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