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How to get to...some destinations on campus

  • GU room finder gadget: Enter building first e.g. "main"; then search down for room name e.g. "kelvin"
    The gadget also lets you interrogate via the map; and by level.

  • Teaching rooms map
  • E&B maps esp. of GScott bldg..
    (You may want to look at E&B public info on how to find rooms here, and on rooms' facilities from here or to consult the page listing pics plus building names to identify the new meaningless name of a building to something else here.)

    Wellington church

    The Wellington Church is near E1, E12, E13 on the campus map. It is the Greek style building, opposite the main building, adjacent to the round Reading Room, on University avenue as it slopes down from the main gate towards Kelvingrove park and the Charles Wilson building. The entrance to the halls used for exams are on the side, on Southpark Avenue.

    OTC drill hall

    Current entry point for maps on university pages: B7. The main entrance is on University Place between Botany Gate, and the chemistry (Joseph Black) building. However exam candidates may be directed round the building to a normally locked side entrance with only a paper sign board.

    Campus map: Maps of Glasgow University

    Current entry point for maps on university pages
    here leading to PDF version of campus map with index. (Download, then use the browser "Find" command e.g. "Bute" to jump to the index entry; then read the location label eg. "A13", put that into Find, and jump to the building on the map.)
    Campus map as GIF (fast, no index, maybe too blurry to read well) See also street map of university centre
    Map (PDF) of exam halls (missing some new venues)

    Old (dcs) campus map: useful, a different view of buildings, but incomplete (not all rooms and buildings are covered).

    To see how to get to the university and where it is within the city, go here.
    Other pictures
    More maps and pictures

    To get to CAPEL (Academic development, Strathclyde University)

    (CAPEL = Centre for Academic Practice and Learning Enhancement)

    To get to CRIL / ILRG (Psychology, Strathclyde University)

    (CRIL = Centre for Research in Interaction and Learning)
    (ILRG = Interactive Learning Research Group)

    To get to Gcal's Academy (academy, Glasgow Caledonian University)