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Library room 735

By Steve Draper,   Department of Psychology,   University of Glasgow.

This page is about how to find room 735 in the Library, and use it for exams.

In 2007, this room is being made available for students who are allowed to use computers, rather than hand writing, to do their exams. This is probably a good thing from the Departments' view, and from the students' view too. An invigiliator who has used it said it all went very smoothly (although in the morning sometimes the exam paper turns up only at the last minute). Here I collect my notes on it.

Where is it?

Warning: you will probably never see the label "room 735". This does not appear anywhere on the library floor plans or signs, which refer to it variously as "Computing service training room", "Teaching cluster", "IT Educational unit teaching room".

floor plan Library floor 7: Annexe side. Click in the picture to show it bigger.

Map of the rest ("main floor") of level 7: here

Using The room

I've visited it briefly. It has two windows with poor views out.

It has about 10 PCs and a printer in it. For exams, the PCs are not connected to the network. They have the standard Office package (same version as on student CSCE cluster PCs). Files will be saved on a pendrive (supplied by by John Buchanan), and can be printed off at the end of the exam.

It has a phone (ext. 8479).

There are toilets on the same floor, at almost the furthest point away from the room (the other side of the "main floor").

The room is normally locked. John Buchanan (see below) has a key. The main library enquiries desk no longer has a key, although the janitors probably do. There is a phone on the landing outside the annexe (just a few yards away, if you are locked out of the room).

Exam candidates (students)

Just turn up at the room at least 5 minutes before you are due to start (allowing for any extra time you are allotted before the normal start time of that exam). You should find the room unlocked with the invigilator there. You'll need to get seated, and start up the computer (no login needed).


John Buchanan will deliver the exam papers and pen drives to the room, and be there 5-10 mins in advance. At weekends, you may have to collect the papers from the Janitors at the library entrance.

(So for example: if the candidate is meant to start at 8:45am, then you need to be in the room no later than 8:40; entering the library no later than 8:35.)

It may be a good idea if the candidate(s) create a separate word file for each question they answer, so that when printed the answers are separate. And if they put the question number (e.g. "qu.5") as a heading at the top of their answer text, and their matric. number too. (No equivalent to the script booklet's cover otherwise.)

At the end of the exam, print out the exam scripts on the printer in the room; return the pen drives provided to John Buchanan or to the enquiry desk on level 3; take the printed scripts back to your department, along with the attendance slip(s).

People associated with it

  • John Buchanan x4823 Library room 421b. Computing services / Library IT
  • Heather Crichton x4229 Registry exams
  • Sylvia Morgan x2260 Student Disability Service
  • Library general enquiries x6704 The library

    Coordinating it

    There is a spreadsheet in circulation showing "bookings" for it. Unfortunately, these do not show the dept. involved. And they show the notional exam time, but NOT the real time these (disability) students will be there, which of course in most cases will be starting a lot earlier than the time shown.

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