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Learning styles: a critical look at the concept


Steve Draper, Dept. of Psychology, University of Glasgow

Time and place

5:30pm, Thursday 25 Nov 1999.     (5pm: free coffee and biscuits)
Robert Clark Centre, 66 Oakfield Avenue, University of Glasgow.
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This seminar is about the concept of learning styles, why so many people think it's a good idea, what would count as evidence for it, and the almost total lack of any such evidence.

My (mainly negative) views are available in this document. I don't expect to go much beyond what's in that document; but if you would like to disagree with it and/or join a discussion on the issue, then please come. If the session becomes all discussion and little monologue by me, that will be more interesting. The point of the session is:

I hope there will be people working on learning styles coming, to discuss and perhaps challenge what I say. In particular, Mehmet Bahar of the CSE is expected, and he has just completed a PhD involving cognitive styles. Karen Howie is coming too.

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