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Connecting with HE teaching staff about learning design ideas

Date/time: Tuesday 22 Jan 2008. Session: Repeated in "session 4" slot
Place: Aston Business school, Birmingham
Occasion: JISC: Using learning resources: transforming the educational experience   documents

Presenter Steve Draper,   Department of Psychology,   University of Glasgow.

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Summary of practical points

[These are practical points for disseminating learning design ideas to teaching practitioners]

Bio blurb

Steve Draper, currently a lecturer at Glasgow University, has in recent years worked on the use of technology in HE, especially on evaluating the benefits (if any) of its applications, and on theories of education. This presentatation comes from his involvement in the "Re-engineering Assessment Practices" (funded by SFC), and his collaboration with the project director, David Nicol. Steve has also worked extensively on the use of Electronic Voting Systems in HE.

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