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Using classroom voting and improving learning

Date/time: Thursday 6 Nov 2008.
Place: Learning Lab, Telford Campus, University of Wolverhampton
Occasion: One day seminar: PRS: learning through "asking the audience"
Title of my talk: "Using classroom voting and improving learning"
Presenter Steve Draper,   Department of Psychology,   University of Glasgow.

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This session is about the use of a voting technology ("EVS" (Electronic Voting Systems) or "PRS") in lecture theatres designed to allow increased interactivity in lectures. The technology, essentially similar to the "ask the audience" option in the TV show "Who wants to be a millionaire?", allows the presenter to put up a multiple choice question, and for everyone in the audience to register their answer privately, with the aggregated results displayed to everyone.

In this session I will introduce these broad points:

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    Steve Draper, currently a lecturer at Glasgow University, has in recent years worked on the use of technology in HE, especially on evaluating the benefits (if any) of its applications, and on theories of education. He has been involved in the project "Re-engineering Assessment Practices" (funded by SFC). Steve has worked extensively on the use of Electronic Voting Systems in HE, but also on peer assisted learning, podcasting, and student retention.

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