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CAA keynote talk

Ask not what CAA can do for your career, but what you can do for assessment.
Ask not what is technologically glamourous, but what is useful to assessment.

Date/time: Tuesday 10 July 2012. Session: 10:25am (my own slot: 10:30 - 11:30am).
Occasion: 2012 International Computer Assisted Assessment (CAA) Conference
Place: DeVere Grand Harbour Hotel,   Southampton   SO15 1AG
How to get there: Instructions   map direct
Presenter Steve Draper,   School of Psychology,   University of Glasgow.

Slides: PDF
Handout: PDF file
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This talk argues overall that to make an impact in and with CAA, we should decide exactly what our aims are, and proceed with a focussed requirements gathering. Most assessment is done on the basis of traditions, familiar practices: this is not an adequate basis for eliciting detailed requirements.

The talk will visit, and attempt to support, a number of different suggestions relating to this overall message:

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