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Using Social Media ("Tweeting") to Assess Student Learning

Title: Using Social Media ("Tweeting") to Assess Student Learning
Date/time: Friday 5 Sept 2014. PM parallel sessions: 'seminar 1' (our own slot: 14:15pm - 14:45 ).
Occasion: eAssessment Scotland 2014
Place: University of Dundee   Dalhousie Building
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Sarah Honeychurch,   Steve Draper,   Niall Barr,  
University of Glasgow.

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Social media is often viewed as an unwelcome distraction during lectures and tutorials - it's something students use when they have switched off from the pearls of wisdom being delivered at the front of the class. However, it can also be harnessed as a tool to enhance classroom learning and even as a method of assessment. Over the last academic year we've been experimenting with various social media tools and using them in lectures and workshops to prove to ourselves that we can do this. During this presentation we'll discuss some of our successful models and suggest how these can be adapted to suit different student cohort. The session will also feature an interactive demonstration using a bespoke, free, open source "tweeting" tool that we are developing.

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