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Using the "mailman" email group software

By Steve Draper,   Department of Psychology,   University of Glasgow.

Some email aliases for groups, are managed by "mailman" software with web pages that give those enrolled on the lists, access to their personal settings, to web archives of all emails ever sent to the list, etc.

  • List of (psychology mailman) email lists
  • "Readers" book group email list
  • "Readers2" backup book group email list

    To join the relevant list, if you have not already been added, go to the relevant list web page and fill in the subscription request there.

    To see who else is enrolled on a list, visit the relevant list information page as above, and (below the Subscribe request form) click on "Visit subscriber list".

    To see the subscriber list, visit the archives, or to change your personal settings, you need to login. And to do that you need to know your personal password for this list. To do that:

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