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Induction for students arriving Sept. 2013

By Steve Draper,   School of Psychology,   University of Glasgow. Passport photo

This page is for students doing psychology for at least their level 1 year, and arriving September 2013.

College induction

Each college (e.g. Arts, Social Sciences, or Science & Engineering) runs inductions sessions in "week 0" starting Monday 16 Sept. See induction sessions page.

Psychology introduction / induction

Whether or not you make it to the college induction sessions, it is important that you attend the first lecture of the psychology course which is the introduction to the course, and will be on Monday 23rd September (two identical sessions, just attend one of them):
Introduction   Monday 23 Sept. 2013
  • 9-10am Lecture Theatre 201, Sir Charles Wilson Building
  • 5-6pm Joseph Black building, room B419. Note last minute change of room
  • You can, when it's ready, download the level 1 psychology course documentation from this useful website:   (this year's handbook)

    As the course documentation says, there is one course textbook:

  • Holt, N., Bremner, A., Sutherland, E., Vliek, M., Passer, M.V., & Smith, R.E., (2012). Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour McGraw Hill
    This text is available from the John Smith book shop in the Fraser Building. There is a study guide that accompanies the textbook. There is also a website to accompany the textbook. Details of how this can be accessed are available in the psychology computer labs.

    Your university email account

    You will in fact already have a university email account. It is helpful to staff if you use that when emailing staff. (It immediately shows the email isn't spam; and your student number is in the address without you having to do anything about it.)

    Information on your email account is at:

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