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Ann Brown references

By Steve Draper,   Department of Psychology,   University of Glasgow.

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This is an extensive, although not exhaustive, list of Ann Brown's publications. They include publications where Brown was not the first author. They are in chronological order (not strictly alphabetical). My shorthand way of referring to them is by a tag such as "Brown83b", which means it was published in 1983 and she had at least 2 other publications that year.
Her most important and frequent co-authors were Campione and Palincsar.

0 = I don't have it. 1= I have a paper (1a) and/or digital copy (1b). 2=I have written notes.

In the years 1972 - 1975 Ann Brown had at least 17 publications not listed here, as you can see by looking in the reference section of Brown83b alone.

Brown, A. L, (1975) "The development of memory: Knowing, knowing about knowing, and knowing how to know" In H.W.Reese (Ed.) Advances in child development and behavior vol.10 pp.103-152 (New York: Academic Press) [Annual vols. No issue or ch. nmbs.] [1a,b 2]

Brown, A. L. (1978) "Knowing when, where, and how to remember: A problem of metacognition" in R.Glaser (Ed.) Advances in instructional psychology Vol.1 pp.77-165 (Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum) [0]

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[This is a revised / improved version of the section on metacognition in Brown83b] [1a. plus I have a few notes in web page "Metacognition"]

Campione,J.C. & Brown,A.L. (1987b) "Linking dynamic assessment with school achievement" ch.3 pp.82-115 in C.S.Lidz (ed.) Dynamic assessment: An international approach to evaluating learning potential (New York: The Guilford Press) [0]

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and republished but abridged in P.Woods (ed.) Contemporary issues in teaching and learning (London: Routledge) ch.9 pp.120-126
N.B. this paper is given the wrong reference details in many other papers including Brown's own.

Brown, A.L. (1992) "Design experiments: Theoretical and methodological challenges in creating complex interventions in classroom settings" The Journal of the Learning Sciences, 2(2), pp.141-178 [1a, 2]

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Brown, A.L., & Campione, J.C. (1996) "Psychological theory and the design of innovative learning environments: On procedures, principles, and systems" In L.Schauble & R.Glaser (Eds.) Innovations in learning: New environments for education (ch.11 pp.289-325) (Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum) [1a, 2] [This is the most interesting of her papers w.r.t. Jigsaw design]

Coleman,E.B., Brown, A.L., & Rivkin, I.D. (1997a) "The effect of instructional explanations on learning from scientific texts" The Journal of the Learning Sciences, 6(4), pp.347-365 [1a, 2]

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Palincsar (as related to Ann Brown)

(Palincsar's full list of her own publications is here.)


Palincsar, A.S. (1986) "The role of dialogue in providing scaffolded instruction" Educational Psychologist vol.21 no.1-2 pp.73-98 [1a,b]

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Palincsar, A.S. (1998b) "Keeping the Metaphor of Scaffolding Fresh -- A Response to C. Addison Stone's 'The Metaphor of Scaffolding: Its Utility for the Field of Learning Disabilities'" Journal of Learning Disabilities vol.31 no.4 pp.370-373 [1a,b]

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Palincsar, A. S. (2011) Youtube on higher order questions (6 min.s)



Campione, Joseph. (1989). "Assisted Assessment: A Taxonomy of Approaches and an Outline of Strengths and Weaknesses" Journal of learning disabilities vol.22 pp.151-65. doi: 10.1177/002221948902200303.


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