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APEC level 4 option

This is the entry page for web pages related to my level 4 course "APEC" or "Applying psychology to education and computers".

Further work

Besides these references, or those of them in the library, are the web documents to read (see earlier section of this document).

I particularly recommend "thinking work" for the topic of the education lectures, for two reasons. Firstly, further library reading is not very extensive or convenient. Secondly, these ideas are not universally accepted, and their relationships not fully worked out. They need thinking about and questioning more than they need more facts, and that would be better evidence of real learning in this area. Perhaps a combination is best. Certainly I myself have read and re-read the Laurillard book and the Marton et al. book, finding it slow going because they provoke so much thought: are they right? where do their ideas break down and encounter exceptions?

But the best further work are the questions below, and more basically (and importantly): think of examples of your own for each thing: for each Laurillard activity, for what is deep and what shallow in each of several subjects.

Critical thinking questions

Here is a list of questions designed to prompt you to do on the subject of these lectures some of the linking advocated above. The advantage is: firstly, each question hopefully will require you to reprocess the material, and a rule of thumb is that the more processing the more learning and retention; and secondly, the more links made, the "deeper" the understanding and the more ways the same material could be re-used.

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