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Brief instructions

When contributing to the ranking judgements with the ACJ/APR method, I suggest you keep these instructions open in a window.
Don't use Internet Explorer as your browser for this task: it works a lot better on others e.g. Chrome (which is on standard university computers for students, if you look for it).

It is often best to do your ranking (of each set) in several different fairly short sessions, separated by hours or days. When you have done enough on one set, then visit another of the 3 sets for the PosPsy course and do some there.

The judgement criteria for each set for deciding which of two samples is best

  1. Which is best for helping a reader decide quickly whether or not they are interested in it? (of the present course's wikis)
  2. Which is best for getting you started in understanding and studying the topic? (of the present course's wikis)
  3. Which is most interesting / useful overall? (of past years' wikis)