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Proposed Manifesto for Establishing, Maintaining and Communicating Assessment Standards

Principles by:
Margaret Price
Berry O'Donovan
Jude Carroll
Chris Rust

  1. Emphasis on assessment should shift from measurement to learning in all courses and programmes.
  2. Whether assessment is for measurement or for learning, in order for true communication of assessment standards to take place with students (in terms of what they should do and the level they need to do it at), students need to be actively engaged in assessment and feedback processes.
  3. To promote learning such 'active' assessment and feedback processes need to be an integral and seamless part of the learning experience (i.e. integral to course design, learning activities and the learning cycle).
  4. Standards, rigour and the validity of assessment systems are not achieved through technocratic and bureaucratic systems focused on marks and grades, but ultimately require systems that channel and guide professional judgement.
  5. Consequently, the majority of current HE assessment systems, processes and resource structures require fundamental change.

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