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Liz McDowell's 6 conditions

By Steve Draper,   Department of Psychology,   University of Glasgow.

Assessment for Learning requires a learning environment that :

  1. emphasises authenticity and complexity in the content and methods of assessment rather than reproduction of knowledge and reductive measurement
  2. uses high-stakes summative assessment rigorously but sparingly rather than as the main driver for learning
  3. offers students extensive opportunities to engage in the kinds of tasks that develop and demonstrate their learning, thus building their confidence and capabilities before they are summatively assessed
  4. is rich in feedback derived from formal mechanisms e.g. tutor comments on assignments, student self-review logs
  5. is rich in informal feedback e.g. peer review of draft writing, collaborative project work, which provides students with a continuous flow of feedback on "how they are doing"
  6. develops students' abilities to direct their own learning, evaluate their own progress and attainments and support the learning of others


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