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About the MANTCHI project

MANTCHI (MAN-based Tutoring in Computer-Human Interaction) was a project funded by SHEFC under the Use of MANs Initiative. It concerns remote collaborative tutorial teaching. It ran (roughly) from January 1997 to July 1998, and was carried out by Glasgow Caledonian University, Heriot-Watt University, Napier University (both in Edinburgh), and the University of Glasgow.

Contact information

The first point of contact is:

For evaluation enquiries, try Steve Draper.
To email the whole project:
A complete list of people associated with the project is available in two formats:


The original objectives of MANTCHI were:


ATOM = Autonomous Teaching Object in MANTCHI (What are ATOMs?)
CHI = Computer-Human Interaction a.k.a. HCI
HCI = Human-Computer Interaction
HEI = Higher Education Institution (e.g. a university)
MAN = Metropolitan Area Network
MANTCHI = MAN Tutoring in CHI
TRAIL = Tertiary Reusable Atom Instantiated for Learning: meaning stored questions, answers, and tutor feedback on them.

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