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Some local Steves

There may be nearly 1 in 20 males called Steve, Stephen, Steven etc. (estimated from staff and students with email accounts in the computing science department: 4.2%), in which case there must be over 380 Steves in the University. These are just some of the more likely ones, and I have received email meant for some of them.

Psychology department

Susil Stephen
Stephen Draper

Computing Science department

Stephen Brewster  stephen@dcs
Stephen Draper  steve@dcs
see also below

Some others

Stephen Arnold
Steven Jack
Professor Stephen White
Stephen Woodruff

More from the Computing Science department

Stefan Cent
Stefan Pacevitch
Stefano Mizzaro
Stephan Reiff
Stephan Reiff
Stephane Etienne
Stephen Archer
Stephen B Page
Stephen Baillie
Stephen Berry
Stephen Brewster
Stephen Brewster Jn
Stephen Brewster Jr
Stephen Burns
Stephen D Moore
Stephen Davis
Stephen Dear
Stephen Gibb
Stephen Granger
Stephen Harper
Stephen J Duffy
Stephen J Rhodes
Stephen King
Stephen King
Stephen M Anderson
Stephen Maver
Stephen Mcmahon
Stephen Norrie
Stephen Smith
Stephen W. Draper
Stephen Wheelan
Stephen Wheelan
Stephen Wolfe
Steve Blackburn
Steve Malloch
Steve McGowan
Steven Cartwright
Steven Cassidy
Steven Dwyer
Steven E Gowrie
Steven Gallacher
Steven Gibson
Steven Gibson
Steven J Clarke
Steven J Murdoch
Steven L Tutor
Steven Lennon
Steven Martin
Steven Mccann
Steven Neely
Steven Neely
Steven W Adam
Steven W Mccarron
Steven Whelan
Steven Woodhouse