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Other Steve Drapers in my world

There aren't any other Steve Drapers I run into; however in the HCI literature there is another person whose work mine is periodically confused with: Dan Diaper.
D.Diaper: how his papers should be attributed
S.W.Draper: how my papers should be attributed

Other Steve Drapers NOT in my world (honest)

The Independent on 1 July 2000 (page 6) reported that Steven Draper of Salford (Greater Manchester, UK) was convicted of murdering a policeman by using his (stolen) car to shunt the policeman and his motorbike into passing traffic.

Other Steve Drapers on the web

[Me] West Virginia, musician, software engineering student. Now vacant? once: From Martinsville, Virginia. Now vacant? once a showbusiness agency in the Blackburn area.

  • An administrator for a Commercial vehicle Repairer in Farningham Kent UK. He used to live a few doors from my present office. He describes himself as: - DoB 13.2.1954 - Post Grad Diploma in Management Studies - Biker with a Harley tattoo - 4th generation Post Office/ British Telecom Employee since 1890 - Had 5 coronary artery stents put in last year so I'm fighting fit. - Roman Catholic and spritiual medium.
    a marathon runner
    A lecturer in exercise physiology at University of Gloucester
    A Houston Jazz pianist and here
    A museum director, and past battles re-enactor. See also this.
    A former Go player
    A Cambridge ale drinker
    A real-ale brewer in Cambridge or another link.
    A former canoeist (slalom)
    A city building official in Denver, Colorado.
    A cricket statistician
    A Sheffield student
    A BBC research engineer. Probably a paper by him; and another?
    A Virginia sheriff
    A real estate salesman
    Someone from Memphis
    A Rhode Island hotel keeper.
    A gold prospector or two or three
    a musician
    a mellow musician
    a software architect

    ... and don't miss Draper City, Utah, USA