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Typology of videos

By Steve Draper,   Department of Psychology,   University of Glasgow.

As part of a hasty workshop paper, Joe Maguire put together a table representing a start of a typology of videos — or at least, of video types that students might create as part of an assignment in computing science courses.

This page is about improving the typology AND how to represent it on a page: in fact both a paper page and a web page.

Landmark and key cases of videos

This section has links to striking cases of videos (to consider when constructing a typology of videos).

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Johnathan Meades.
  • An example of his style: "On the Brandwagon ep.1"
  • An example of his style: "Remember the future ep.1"
  • An example of his style: "Off-Kilter ep.1"
  • On jargon

  • Meades on his "presentations". Just filmed dlog in itself; not an e.g.

    My other bit on this: This is more about relation of audio to video within a lecture or "video".

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