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MANTCHI overall evaluation report

I have written a long (9,000 word) paper overviewing the educational evaluation done on MANTCHI. It should be regarded as a draft, and comments of all kinds are welcome.

Title: "Evaluating remote collaborative tutorial teaching in MANTCHI"
Authors: Steve Draper & Margaret Brown


This chapter overviews the integrative evaluation studies done during the MANTCHI project. About 20 studies were done of the many deliveries. In this chapter, some main conclusions each drawing on evidence from multiple studies are presented, together with discussion on the strengths and weaknesses of the method employed. Overall, the evaluation studies provided both formative and summative results. The formative information for improving the overall delivery of the material is exemplified by a selection of issues and recommendations, and a sample of the evidence on which they were based. The summative evidence on learning outcomes and quality suggests that the project materials are at least as effective as other material, although by no means always preferred by students. Our studies suggest however that the main gains are in improved curriculum content and in staff development (expanding the range of topics a teacher is confident of delivering), but that different evaluation methods must be developed and applied to study that properly.


I expect to be using this for other things as well: in all Below are links to a version sent to the ELT conference. The last 4 pages are a reproduction of a questionnaire, and the format may get screwed up.
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