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Summative project evaluation

Title: "Summative project evaluation"
Authors: Steve Draper, Margaret Brown & Sandra Foubister

This report is assembled mainly from other papers in order to provide a deliverable promised in the MANTCHI grant application, where it is described only as "Summative project evaluation" (item number 15). The meaning and scope of that now seems ambiguous between:

  1. The evaluation work we did. Part B presents a large overview paper on the (integrative) evaluation work done on the project, which corresponds to reporting on what we did for project objective 2 (of 4): "To measure the educational effectiveness of this novel delivery of tutorial support using the method of Integrative Evaluation". One of the products of this evaluation work was a set of recommendations for delivering our teaching materials: these are presented in part C.
  2. Evaluating our evaluation work. Part B also contains our self-criticisms of our evaluation method. We did what we promised, but what with hindsight might have been better evaluation aims?
  3. Evaluating the project, not the educational work. This should surely be the content, not of one deliverable from part of the project team, but of the project final report. However as the project evolved and we perceived new needs, we did perform a study of a different kind which is important to an evaluation of the project itself: the cost benefit analysis of using our approach to collaborative tutorial teaching. This analysis is reproduced as part D. In addition, the conclusion (part E) offers a brief summary of the features of the project as a whole, its results, and their relationship of the evaluation studies.

This report therefore consists of:


As noted, this report, about 18,000 words long, was assembled from versions of other reports on 22 Aug 1998, and it is not planned to update it.

The document contains a table (in WORD); and appendix 2 contains some Zapf font characters (boxes).

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