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MANTCHI cost benefit analysis report

I have written a paper of about 5,000 words on the costs/benefits of using ATOMs, based on an interview study by Sandra Foubister. It should be regarded as a draft, and comments of all kinds are welcome.

Title: "A cost-benefit analysis of remote collaborative tutorial teaching"
Authors: Steve Draper & Sandra Foubister


Near the end of the MANTCHI project, an interview study of 10 participating university teachers was carried out. This was a teacher-centered evaluation to complement the student-centered evaluation of the use of the materials. This paper reports on a cost-benefit analysis based on this of the approach to collaborative teaching developed in the project. The analysis suggests that there are gains in authoring effort, a gain in quality because more frequent delivery means more revisions based on experience, a gain in curriculum quality, a balance in delivery time costs or else a small gain in return for staff development gains. Besides the analysis of this case, the study identifies classes of cost and benefit for use in future, more detailed, studies.


I expect to be using this for other things as well: in all Below are links to a version sent to the ELT conference. It contains a table, so let's hope the format doesn't get screwed up.
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  • Web form of an earlier version (part of a bigger report)

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