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Advanced educational practices in psychology at GU

By Steve Draper,   Department of Psychology,   University of Glasgow.

This page offers a list of "new" features in learning and teaching practice in psychology at Glasgow University. (The idea is, this is a personal view of what might be used in AMRs (Annual course Monitoring Reports), or reports on Enhancements.)

What does "new" mean? Everything we do has a relevant precedent somewhere else in the world: so "new" doesn't mean an international innovation. On the other hand, if most departments are doing it, it certainly isn't new, but has become common practice. Yet we don't want to report only things in the first year we use them: that would mean reporting it only once, and so failing to give a picture where we continue to be ahead of most others. So the meaning of "new" here is: that we have reason to believe it is a beneficial innovation, and is not widespread practice at least at GU.

My research is in learning and teaching in HE, and I've been involved in many practices in other subject areas in the university. This list is just about innovations in Psychology; but is almost certainly incomplete, just focussing on ones I know plenty about. It is material for a definitive report on the department to draw on, not a complete list itself.

In the lists below, I just point to other pages, or sections of pages, where the practice or issue is reported. You need to follow links perhaps several times to find explanations, reports, etc. They are lists, not self-sufficient explanations, on this page.

Contrasting companion pages

Learning and teaching enhancements in GU Psychology

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