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Audio tagging

By Steve Draper,   Department of Psychology,   University of Glasgow.

This will be a page about our internal LTDF grant about tagging audio recordings i.e. providing index pointers into an audio stream, and thus making it "random access" like other media.

some links / book marks

  • Our grant application
  • Tagging server: Audiotag server:   server log   CERE, login   CHIP and login
  • Demo video for the atag server

  • OSQA server i.e. Q&A forum (astro)
  • OSQA server i.e. Q&A forum (uzeste)
  • LiveScribe company site
  • Good example of UI with multi-page pencast
  • other pencast examples
  • wikiP page on LiveScribe
  • wikiP page on Anoto digital paper

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