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Sample workshop web page

This is a spec/example for the small web page advertising a workshop at HCI2002.

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Sample blurb on one workshop

Below is based on Ilsa Bider's page, plus notes by me on alternative fillers for standard bits.

1. Goal-Oriented Business Process Modeling
Ilia Bider, IbisSoft, Sweden
Paul Johannesson, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

A business-oriented computer system may help human beings in two aspects: (1) completing activities, and (2) driving business processes towards their goals. To achieve the second objective, the system should possess some knowledge on business processes in general, and their goals in particular.  This workshop, which  is the third one in a series of international workshops on business process modeling, is aimed at discussing issues connected to the goal-oriented view on business processes. The most important topics suggested for discussions: (a) representation of goals and movement to the goals (b) goal-oriented business process patterns, (c) goal-oriented methods for business process modeling, analysis and (re)engineering. The results of discussions will be summarized in a working document that will be produced after the workshop. A selection of the best papers will be considered for publishing in a special issue of an international journal. The intended audience is researchers and practitioners from the fields of business development, and business application software development.

Two kinds of position papers would be accepted. The first kind is a submission for making a presentation. Such submission should be devoted to a practical or theoretical topic that reveals some type of connection between the notion of goal and the notion of business process. The second kind is a submission for participating in the discussions. Such submission should describe the relevant experience of the participant, and it should explain in what topics the submitter is interested in and why.


Participation in the workshop is by invitation, based on a position paper, as described above. Send position papers or questions to Ilia Bider:

This workshop is open to all upon application, subject to space. Please send applications to

Deadline for admissions is 1 August 2002
OR this workshop is still open
OR this workshop is now closed to applications.

Further details

Further details on all aspects of this workshop are available here.

General workshop information

General information on workshop participation.

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