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List of Workshops

This is a list of the workshops running at HCI 2002. (Here for comparison is the equivalent at CHI2002

Draft overall text

Workshops provide an extended forum for small groups (15-20 people) to exchange ideas on a specific topic of common interest. Workshops will be held on Monday 2 Sept and Tuesday 3rd Sept 2002, 9:00-17:30, unless otherwise stated.

Workshops Schedule? Full-Day: 9:00 to 17:30

Workshop Participation

Workshop participants are selected solely at the discretion of the organisers of that workshop. The conference administration has no authority to admit you without the relevant organiser's permission. Details for applying for admission are given under each workshop.

Addionally to being accepted by the workshop's organisers, participants must pay an additional small fee to the conference organisers.

Workshop Registration payment

To take advantage of reduced conference fees, register for the conference by the early deadline 7 July? 2002 even if you have not yet received notification of workshop acceptance.

If you receive notification after registering for the conference, please send workshop payment to the Registration Office along with a note including the name of your workshop and your name, address, telephone, fax and email.

If you receive notification of workshop acceptance before registering for the conference, you may register for the workshop on the conference registration form. Just complete the designated workshop section and include your workshop payment along with your conference payment.

Chair Steve Draper, University of Glasgow

Sample blurb on one workshop

99. New leads in Ecommerce.
Mike Spencer, Reuters
Pete Marks, University for Industry

This workshop ...[short 150 words on the topic]


Participation in the workshop is by invitation, based on a position paper [add a few details]
Please send position papers or inquiries to
This workshop is open to all upon application, subject to space. Please send applications to

Deadline for admissions is xxx OR "this workshop is still open" OR "this workshop is now closed to applications".

Further details

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