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Pages for HCI2002 conference work and workshops

I was workshop chair for HCI2002, and this is the index page for stuff related to that.

  • List of reports produced from the workshops

  • My report on being workshop organiser

  • The idea of 30 word descriptions

    The pages here

  • Big ToDo list for organisers
  • Copyright form (Word document)
  • Example web page for a workshop
  • Standard page on workshops, for attaching to the individual pages

  • Request for 30 word descriptions

    Some links to pages elsewhere

  • The HCI 2002 conference web site home

  • Programme (with workshop links)
  • Workshops general call page
  • Workshops general participation info page
  • Temp. version of: Programme (with workshop links)
  • Programme pages -- general
  • Paying / registering for the conference
  • Booking form [Belfast]

  • CHI 02 workshop pages
  • CHI 02 workshop pages for organisers
  • CHI 02 (workshop) fee pages

  • maps
  • THE map

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