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Standing agenda for Grumps and Grumps meetings

This is a standing agenda for Grumps and Grumps meetings over the summer (say July-Sept. 2001).

  1. Writing papers from the first (CompLab) study.

  2. Lecture theatre handsets. (And Chris' summer work.)

  3. New architecture/software design.

  4. Mine existing data (from CompLab study). This includes data cleaning, using Quintin as a client, investigating tools for mining, ....

  5. LSS development.

  6. Any groundwork / preparation for using UAR and LSS again in DCS level1 labs from October.
    (Use new architecture. Do necessary political and preparatory work. Decide/develop fix for problem of running costs e.g. pay a student to manage the handsets.)

  7. UWA port: support Martin remotely when he's in Oz.
    What about evaluation of the UWA study?

  8. Logging use of computer clusters
    [our grant promised we would do this]: "(a) Monitor the use of public PC clusters so as to advise students of when access will be crowded or easy (showing comparisons with previous load patterns). (b) Observe use of commands in key software, e.g. word processing, in public clusters in order to improve the introductory "literacy" courses given to students by targeting problem areas."

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