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Other Glasgows


I have found 11 other cities called "Glasgow". This Glasgow here is the largest of them, and the largest city in Scotland, although it is not the capital.

Glasgow, Scotland (UK)
Port Glasgow, Renfrewshire. About 10 miles from the city of Glasgow.

Glasgow, Delaware, USA
Glasgow, Illinois, USA (near Jacksonville)
Glasgow, Kentucky's WebPage - USA
Glasgow Junction, Kentucky, USA (former name of Park City)
Glasgow, Minnesota, USA (and "Glasgow international airport"!)
City of Glasgow, Missouri USA
Glasgow, Montana - USA
Glasgow, Beaver Co., Pennsylvania (a.k.a. Smiths Ferry); 40 Miles WNW of Pittsburgh, and near East Liverpool, Ohio.
Glasgow, Cambria Co., Pennsylvania
Glasgow, Virginia, USA (near Lynchburg, and Natural Bridge)
Glasgow, West Virginia, USA (20 miles SE of Charleston, W.Va.)

Mount Glasgow in the Rocky mountains, near Calgary, Canada.
New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada
Glasgow, Ontario, Canada (about 30 miles NW of Toronto).
New Glasgow, Prince Edward Is., Canada


"Glasgow" is also a surname: there are about 14 in the North Glasgow phone book, 2 registered as students, and one on the staff.