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  1. False praise, self-esteem, resilience: Be careful what you praise for ...

  2. The Strengths approach (vs. developing new abilities)

  3. PosPsy: applied to clinical populations

  4. Applying PosPsy to animal well being (benefits to the animal)

  5. Altruism, eudaimonia, and meaning in life: Is doing good, good for you?

  6. Social not solo exercises

  7. Rebalancing good and bad perspectives

  8. PosPsy is only remarketing traditional topics

  9. Writing cures

  10. Volunteering (benefits to the volunteer): As we help others, we cannot help but help ourselves

  11. The "Pet Effect": Owning a pet animal (benefits to the owner)

  12. Teaching the attitude of gratitude (in schools)

  13. Well-being, not money, as a measure of a country's productive success

  14. Well-being and public health

  15. Balanced time perspective

  16. PosPsy for non-clinical benefits