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Ref Page for CHI 2003 conference work and doctoral consortium

I was chair for the doctoral consortium for CHI 2003, and this is the index page for stuff related to that.

  • A page on the CHI 2003 Doctoral Consortium group

  • Feedback on the Doctoral Consortium

  • My report on the CHI 2003 Doctoral Consortium: for other organisers

  • My own resources for postgrads. Including some stuff on how to write up a PhD, which perhaps I should have talked about in the consortium and which at least some doctoral students say they found useful.

    Old pointers

  • chi03 web site
  • chi03 DocConsortium
  • General student call
  • Talk presenters guidelines
  • pcs submission, review system
  • Sheridan: Submit accepted stuff for printing     Actually this page     instructions
  • Archive

    Posters / format

  • "Poster prep guidelines"

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