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My notes on setting up the NBarr ACJ software for my exercise

By Steve Draper,   Department of Psychology,   University of Glasgow.

Implementation problems

  1. Would be very helpful to see the original file name, with the whole file-path, as well as the encoded tag, on the upload page. This is important:
    1. To see what didn't upload, which given the human user errors and the software bugs which stop uploading working as desired, is needed all the time.
    2. When a ranking is completed, a further vital use of this is to link back to the meaningless code names of each item to a location where my students could then find it.

    Not having the filename means that after ranking is complete I will have to have 2 windows open, opening each file in the ACJ upload window to see what it is, then doing the same in a window with my files listed, to try to match them up: long, tedious, and completely unnecessary work.
  2. There is no display of the criterion or any instructions (except to the teacher upload view). Having the criterion in the window with each pair displayed is important.
  3. When, as a student rater, I click "was involved, gimme a diff. pair" it just gives me the same pair again. If it doesn't work, then hide the button.
  4. What does "allocation" mean? how does it know how many student judges are involved?

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