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This page is for my Advisees:
The students for whom I am their Adviser of Studies

By Steve Draper,   Department of Psychology,   University of Glasgow.

Passport photo If you would like to see what I'm interested in apart from my role as an Adviser, then have a look at my main web page

My general organisation for Zoom calls with Advisees is for you to arrange a slot with me, and click at the time on this link: This is likely to deliver you straight to my Zoom room.

I plan to be in my university office for these calls (better Zoom connection there), and the phone in the office is: 0141 330 4961 If you have trouble in getting me at your arranged slot, don't hesitate to phone me on that number and I'll try to sort it out at my end.

My general arrangements for Zoom meetings with Advisees

My general plan is to offer slots during (only) parts of these times:
      Mondays 12-5pm
      Thursdays 12-5pm
I will sometimes have other meetings blocking parts of these times.

If the slots offered are all full, or aren't suitable for you, or are more than a week away then try suggesting other times in an email, (including later on the same day) and we may be able to arrange a phone call even if not a Zoom.

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