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People's Navigation Problems on Our Campus

There will be a GIST seminar at 4pm on Thur. 4 June in the conference room, 17 Lilybank Gardens (how to get there) on "People's Navigation Problems on Our Campus".

Speakers: Nina Webster and Steve Draper


This talk will be based on Nina's final year project, in which she investigated problems people have in "using" (i.e. finding their way around) this university's campus. She attempted 11 different studies, of which 8 made it into her dissertation, but only a few can be described in this talk.

One feature of this work is its use of many small studies of different kinds to get a good overall grasp of the problem: an approach useful in many kinds of evaluation where the problems are not known in advance.

Subproblems examined include how people find buildings, how they find rooms within buildings, and the redesign of the campus map's indices to support users' tasks better. While some problems have been created by university policies such as giving buildings meaningless names (so users must translate "Chemistry department" to "Joseph Black building" to "B4" in order to use the map), others are fundamental to the way people seem to conceptualise urban spaces in terms of landmarks, regions, edges, etc. (entities identified by Lynch in his "The image of the city").