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Lurking and computer mediated learner discussion

There will be a seminar at 4pm on Fri. 13 Feb. at ILRG on "Lurking and computer mediated learner discussion". Location: Room 593, Graham Hills Building, Strathclyde University. The format will be more discussion than lecture.

The question is, why do many people join electronic discussion lists but then do not contribute (write) messages; and does learning depend upon contributing or in fact do lurkers learn as much as overt contributors.

Three major points that bear on this:

In more detail:

References / further links to read

[A] Special social practices
A paper on NETSEM
Finbar Dineen's work.

[B] Three factors determine lurking behaviour?
My personal summary of the issue: where point [B] above came from
The whole ITFORUM discussion on lurking that led to this notion.

[C] LBO (Learning by Onlooking)
A brief note on LBO (learning by onlooking)
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Yet another brief note on LBO