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Using interactive handsets in lectures

This is an interactive session at the TLS conference 11:15am-12:30, Friday 10 May 2002, Kelvin conference centre.

Working Session 3 -- Who wants to be a millionaire? -- using interactive handsets in lectures.
Dr Quintin Cutts, Computing Science / Dr Steve Draper, Psychology

This session is about the use of a handset technology in lecture theatres designed to allow increased interactivity in lectures. The technology, essentially similar to the "ask the audience" option in the TV show "Who wants to be a millionaire?", allows the presenter to put up a multiple choice question, and for everyone in the audience to register their answer privately, with the aggregated results displayed to everyone. (With the combined financial assistance from the V-P for Learning and Teaching and an EPSRC-funded project, GRUMPS, 600 mobile lecture theatre handsets, with associated receivers and software were purchased.)

In this session we will demonstrate the equipment, and we will introduce discussions on: