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Spatial skills

By Steve Draper,   Department of Psychology,   University of Glasgow.

Different senses of "spatial" skills:
Spatial, visual, geometric, navigation, mental rotation, or Piagetian milk bottle.


They, following Piaget, use the term "spatial" skills but in a very different sense from mental rotation, or the exercises Jack gave Quintin to do. (Their/ Piaget's usage revolves around the test of giving the learners an outline of a tilted milk bottle and asking them to draw in the line representing the surface of the liquid when it is half full. Many draw the line perpendicular to the bottle's sides, not parallel to the ground.) [See Shayer,M., Kuchemann,D.E. and Whylam,H. (1976) for the description of the tests, taken directly from Piaget's "The child's conception of space"]

Crude personal notes

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