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Agenda for video conference 1

By Steve Draper.

Booked for 3pm-5pm Wed. 4 Feb 1998 between Glasgow and Heriot-Watt Universities.
[Glasgow end: 0141 330 6849]
Done as part of the CBL evaluation ATOM.
It resulted in these tips for how to run a video conference.

Top level

  1. Explore equipment and procedures
  2. Introduce ourselves
  3. Discuss the reading
  4. Discuss the exercise:
    1. The overall plan for learning activities
    2. The design of the evaluation

A. Exploring the facilities

    1. Computer
      1. WWW connection
      2. Camera and/or other display of the computer display to the far end
    2. If the sound goes: Have cards ready
    3. Practice each of the following cases:
      1. Vision-vision only
      2. Sound-sound only
      3. Glasgow vision - HW sound only
      4. HW vision - Glasgow sound only
      5. Phone connection
    4. Camera practice
      1. Glasgow end:
        1. Me,
        2. computer,
        3. paper "slides",
        4. other people here
      2. HW end:
        1. The active chair person,
        2. Each student,
        3. the computer if any,
        4. paper "slides".

C. The reading

    1. Spiel by Steve on HCI vs. CAL evaluation
    2. Paper 1 (introduction to CAL evaluation)
    3. Paper 2 (the method of Integrative evaluation, to be used in the exercise)

D. The exercise

    1. The overall structure of this ATOM (reading, exercise, ...)
    2. Designing the exercise and division of labour
    3. Designing the evaluation.

Note to ATOM deliverers (i.e. teachers)

Here is what I did to prepare the video conference:

Draft email to the other end

We are having a video conference today, starting at 3pm. I will be there (in the video suite) from about 2:30pm, trying to set up my computer. I will not try to communicate with you until 3pm.

I believe Alistair Kilgour will be present observing at my end. I have written an agenda for our meeting, which you can see at The main points are: we have the facility booked until 5pm, but will probably finish before that. I propose beginning with some structured exploration of the communications: both what we can do, and what procedures we adopt ourselves. (After that, the content.) The media we (may) have at our disposal are: vision, sound, telephone, written words, computer screens.

Each person should bring several sheets of blank paper, and a felt tip pen with a thick nib, suitable for writing big signs. I will be asking each person to display their name on a name plate in BIG and thick letters.

What is the phone number in your video suite? The Glasgow end is 0141 330 6849. [Also 0141 330 4847 (Steven Jack's office)]

You may want to get a computer working at your end. This may involve you getting an internet connection working.

I suggest you designate 3 persons:
*Active chairperson. She will control the cameras at Heriot-Watt and do any chairing of the session that I do not do. Because this may get her bogged down in wrestling with the technology and those speaking, we should also have ....
*Overall chairperson. She will not act much, but will sit back and monitor how the occasion is going from the viewpoint of the Heriot-Watt class as a whole; intervening if necessary.
*Computer (keyboard) operator at the Heriot-Watt end, if you have one. Ready to bring up new pages as necessary.

Steve Draper